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January 29th, 2017

@DaveOCKOP ain’t gonna happen. Let’s get used to it.
Anything in the last 2 days of the window would have panic buy written all over it

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Just had the first half Hour of Code with my daughter. Amazed by how fast she picks up :D

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TheAtlPhoto A Dizzying Tour of London - Fantastic aerial shots from last year by photographer @jasonhawkesphot…1u

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@antiheroine Points 1) and 3) are not really a problem if you self-host your content and use adaptive design. But fully agree with 2) and 4)

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Love the new Amazon Ember font. Already on @amazon, @amazonDE, @AmazonUK but not yet on @AmazonFR

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bchesky Airbnb is providing free housing to refugees and anyone not allowed in the US. Stayed tuned for more, contact me if urgent need for housing

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