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June 2010

NIKKOR Lenses Simulator…

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GuidoFawkes So the French lose early and face national humiliation, Britain faces Germany alone, Americans may fight them later. Hmmm, seems familiar.

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zipalong Upload unlimited photos and videos(new!), geotag them, comment on them, share and protect them via the privacy controls

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RT @petapixel Sample 5-Megapixel Photos Taken with the Upcoming iPhone 4

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RT @petapixel Amazing Stop-Motion Super Mario Video Made with Sticky Notes

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RT @petapixel Shooting Space with Two Hacked Cameras and a Homemade Balloon

via TweetMeme VIDEO Stephen Hawking despre religie: Stiinta va invinge - International -

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Un porc călare pe un cal…

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OMGFacts At exactly 06 mins and 07 seconds after 5 o’clock on Aug 9th 2010, it will be 05:06:07 08/09/10. This won’t happen again until the year 3010

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