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September 2018

mikko How much is your data worth? So much that Google just paid Apple $9 billion to be the default search engine in…cL

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@le_rond So good, indeed. Playing it daily since it was released 👻

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1984 is here. The largest social experiment to be attempted:…

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Interesting, I always needed a good excuse to play with a Raspberry Pi 🤖👻…

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matthew_d_green Why I’m done with Google Chrome:…

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AdamMGrant If you don’t look back at yourself and think, “Wow, how stupid I was a year ago,” then you must not have learned…uC

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Understanding security controls. With dogs 🐕…

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A few thoughts on doing the right things at the right time when it comes to your business:…

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@VladAndronic Correct about the fixtures and I love Benitez, but the management doesn’t help him at all. Wouldn’t…Yd

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Calling it now: Cardiff, Newcastle and Huddersfield to relegate

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elonmusk Mars Base Alpha

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Well done @AdGuard, being transparent and taking effective measures following an attack targeting the customers…r8

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No-look goals are not easy 😉

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“The primary goals of writing a postmortem are to ensure that the incident is documented, that all contributing…jQ

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Hey, @Tesla, you did a really lousy job placing the Breukelen supercharger on your navigation maps. It appears on…F9

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stehoare Give @JamesMilner a 20-year contract extension @LFC!

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Reputation is important for any vendor. Including the ones operating on the ‘dark’ web. So what is their business…gQ

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Interesting talk from @rosannakurrer on diversity and the inclusion of women in engineering. But this chart is…pX

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petergreen31 @the_parrots @JessicaZandrews @The_JamesJordan @alicebates @j_wroe So did Jurassic Park mate.

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Yes for new camera, in-screen Touch ID, improved battery life and USB Type C cable.
Meh/whatever for the rest.…

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“What used to be regarded a marathon has now become one very, very long sprint”…

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Now we’re doing this with robots 🤖…

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Hmmm, something new to watch after season 3… 🤔
I don’t know, @NetflixFR, how about season 4? 🥺

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Interesting insight on how the BA hack occurred…

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“updated Apple Watch bands are in new sizes, 40 and 44 mm, which suggests they’re not compatible with existing…LH

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Manz # /etc/init.d/daemon stop

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Revocation is broken. Brilliant article wrote by ⁦@Scott_Helme⁩ a year ago, but still relevant today…

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London: building colors blending in with the sky…

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_youhadonejob1 When tech companies tell you they value your privacy.

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@CrisiscenterBE Je vois, mais c’est facile d’avoir HTTPS quand meme 😉 (cc @troyhunt)

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Apple really needs to manually review their popular apps. And do something about the fake reviews 🤬…

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The most striking revelation in a long time is about democracy.

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“This is not rocket science. It’s really about easy fixes”
Great to see the @FA taking steps to a more inclusive…qL

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“Crypto is never broken.
Crypto is always bypassed.”
@Scott_Helme delivering the best TLS training in the world

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oursongwriter Happy Colour Blind Awareness day! I recently discovered that there are more than 3 colours in a rainbow (not…dG

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@Soni023 @LFC Would be happy to lose the 2 cup games as long as we’re winning the 3 in PL 🤩

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One year of Really Bad Chess’s Weekly Challenge! -

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wk057 (1/*) So, firmware v9. Got a peak at it (thanks, source 😉). Not a full in depth tinkering, but enough to see some…Tg

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Wow, 1 million views for my @unsplash photos… impressed

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@DanKennett What do you make out of the fact that we also won the same 4 fixtures last season?

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Fully agree with this: laptop bezels are dead…

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Only Arsenal and West Brom got something from 2-0 down against Liverpool

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Since the start of the last season, @LFC won 22 times of 28 when they scored first. 6 draws for the rest: at home…m6

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A few notes on the road trip I recently took through the Central Europe with my Tesla Model S 75D. Happy to be…9T

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Happy to have finally add back the @Sonos playback controls to my iOS lock screen device. Had to disable Airplay…Ts

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@VirginTrains Thanks, it worked. Wouldn’t hurt to put this link in the error page though

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