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SuperclusterHQ The stunning Falcon Heavy STP-2 launch ‘nebula’ captured from the roof of ’s Vehicle Assembly…FX

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@Scott_Helme Yep, my wife did. Switched to a cheap alternative from Amazon and then it was fine

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The World is Collapsing Into Two Countries—Green and Red | Interesting view…4

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Inside Liverpool’s transfer policy: how patience helped them become European champions…

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@groparu Ceva mai fain n-am văzut toată luna… 🤣

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@troyhunt @Scott_Helme Two men and a hack 👨🏼‍💻👨🏽‍💻

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The importance of simulation tests: Japanese zoo stages unusual ‘lion’ escape drill…

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wendynather What UI wizardry is this??

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Divock Origi - All 28 Goals For Liverpool

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Weird aviation week: after passenger mistakes the exit door from the toilet door, another (sleeping) passenger is…7z

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Legitimate question from my 5yo:
How do the phantoms pee? 👻

Ideas? 🤔

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Apollo’s brain: The computer that guided man to the Moon…

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@DaveMosher @SciInsider On the flip side they could just open the hatch and take a walk on the moon 😁

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SciInsider NASA built 5 Apollo lunar landers that never launched into space. Here’s what happened to the historic moon ships.…

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@SciInsider @DaveMosher Huh, just realised that the LM on display in Speyer museum in Germany is a mock-up only 🤨…y6

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Love this: iOS 13 will remind you to cancel your subscription when you delete an app…

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Apollo 11 anniversary: Astronauts left their poop on the moon. NASA ought to go back for that shit…

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