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“Early on developers noted the iPhone version would not be able to exchange Bluetooth handshakes with other…Ce

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@ruuvicom Thanks. So if I understand correctly, on iOS there won’t be any history out of the box?

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@ruuvicom Hi there, how long is the history for the Ruuvi tag? Thanks.

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It’s Sunday 😎

Swipe some care cards:

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MKBHD NEW VIDEO - How Teslas Upgrade Over Time! - RT!

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“I was able to pause [the Windows updates] for up to five weeks” said the author back then, ignoring the advice…4i

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It’s 2021.
On top of the neverending pandemic, mankind has a new problem: Wannafry.
A much more destructive…4K

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yiddo_alex 10 of your teams have ‘FC’ in their name btw…

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daringfireball β˜… No Mask, No Dice…

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The pandemic is emptying call centers. AI chatbots are swooping in…

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kottke This lovely short video shows how the simple Fibonacci sequence manifests in natural forms like sunflowers,…n4

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@lizlandau @mims Given enough women, I can help with reproduction

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Coronavirus: The last ‘normal’ photo on your phone…

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MiguelDelaney Christ, some of the noise about this already irritating.

Yes, football without fans isn’t the same.

But it’s an…Um

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