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July 2022

david_perell What’s causing all these logos to look the same?

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@joel_archie Close second:

Wordle 407 2/6


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“The findings reveal the irony that porn — a male-dominated industry that targets a male-dominated audience — is as…

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mpickle Journal before bed.

Stimulating activities create open loops.

Journaling closes them.

This is because of 2 reasons:

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“There is a 98% probability that by 2033 human referees will lose their jobs to algorithms.”

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Everything that’s wrong with modern (mens) football in a single, well written tweet:

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Hmm, I’m giving this a try. Might be the Flickr replacement I’ve been looking for a few years

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Thor Heyerdahl and his crew had demonstrated that South American peoples could in fact have journeyed to the island…

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On August 7, the Kon-Tiki expedition came to an end when the raft struck a reef and was eventually beached on an un…

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The first sighting of land for both Magellan and Thor Heyerdahl (Kon-Tiki expedition)

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RT @TheFigen: Digital painting art… Perfecto! 💌

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@RetroFootyMan any way to restore purchases from one iOS device to another? Same iCloud account, obviously

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Wordle 400 5/6


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RT @SahilBloom: The Optimist Razor

When choosing who to spend time with, prioritize spending more time with optimists.

Pessimists see clo…

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RT @SahilBloom: A “razor” is a rule of thumb that simplifies decision making.

The most powerful razors I’ve found:

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Should be fun: “Richard Osman to embark on new series of crime novels”

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naval Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.

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ManuelGrebe We should start naming heatwaves after fossil fuel companies.

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I’ve seen this one live. Beautiful stuff:

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RT @BBCBreaking: String of errors in French handling of Champions League final in May led to chaos with Liverpool fans unfairly blamed, inq…

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The future is subscription-based 💀

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.@LFC: “we want something inspired by Liverpool’s vibrant music scene”
@nikefootball: Google “moiré stock images”.…

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@LFC @nikefootball @LFCRetail It’s like someone took a photo of a screen ðŸ˜

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TennisPodcast “I don’t have a coach. I would never put that burden on anyone.”

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RT @KoriSchake: “a military is only as strong as the society, economy, and political structure that assembled it… Russia was nowhere near…

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Best news of this summer! 🔠

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RT @LFC: 🤦‍♂️

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