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April 2014

OptaJoe 2003-04 - This is the first season since 2003-04 that no European competition final will contain a club from England. Slayed.

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One of the most enjoyable matches so far: Atletico trashes Chelsea with a brilliant offensive display :)

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smashingmag It’s that time of the month again: Desktop Wallpaper Calendars (May 2014) on yours truly @smashingmag:…

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Can’t wait to see @ronnieo147 live in the World’s semifinals

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This is the most secure computer you’ll ever own

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After Heartbleed, NSA reveals some flaws are kept secret

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Black Friday: Haunting Documentary Photo Series Captures Abandoned Malls in the US… via @petapixel

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What is DDoS Extortion - What Happened to Basecamp and Meetup…

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@macjaeger 4G on Proximus? Where is that?
Looks nice :)

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ArtProgramming PHP Best Practices: A short, practical guide for common and confusing PHP tasks -

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iamdevloper “Oh cool a Node.js tutorial, ooh I created a server”

*updates résumé with Node.js and Sys Admin*

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SeeLevelFilm Very nice packaging, @soylent !

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smashingmag A yet another way to improve the humble input field, especially around credit card input: Labelmask.…

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28 Dizzying Photos From The Top Of The World’s Tallest Skyscrapers

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Journey to the top of the Freedom Tower… via @petapixel

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@BluesChronicle: So far this game won’t be winning any awards for entertainment. Probably Chelsea’s fault. Usually is.”

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“How speech-recognition software got so good” (I would say ‘better’, not ‘so good’)… via @CompSciFact

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Two degrees: How the world failed on climate change

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MrsDraWoo So it’s tactical genius when Mourinho does it, but boring when done by the likes of et al?

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@bucharestlife I hope he doesn’t change anything against Liverpool :-)

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Forensic Ballistics: How Apollo 12 Helped Solve the Skydiver Meteorite Mystery

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petapixel Video of Air Canada baggage handlers will keep you from ever gate checking your gear again:

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Yup, tickets in Cologne were available for a couple of milliseconds. By the time I added to basket they were gone…

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Drone Footage of a Rocket Taking off and Landing is Spectacular

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“Around 2045, the pace of change will be so astonishingly quick that we won’t be able to keep up, unless…”…

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Photographers Take Epic Car Photographs by Lighting Up a Frozen Lake from Below

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Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop On Android, Allowing Mobile Access To Your PC

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Liverpool can now afford a draw against Chelsea

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Gus5ilva Come on wigan. I wanna keep tweeting for a few more years

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Scenes of Spring - from The Atlantic’s In Focus… via @in_focus

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scurtido @iamdevloper Great job…

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@Floriz @littlebigdetail Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t know. I corrected the article.

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heynky Awesome form UX from @circleci. All the minimalism of placeholders, with the usefulness of labels.…

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@Dropbox: Last week, we introduced Dropbox’s next chapter.”. So much hate…

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propagandaphoto Photo: The @SpionKop1906 create a mosaic to remember the 96 victims of the disaster.

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Matterhorn - an iconic emblem of the Swiss Alps and the Alps in general.

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This is gone. We go to Norwich. Exactly the same. We go together.…

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smashingmag How fast is fast enough? A Speed Index <= 1000, critical-path view (above the fold) in first 14kb.… (via @paul_irish)

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bucharestlife We think we’ve found Bucharest’s defining image:…

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How we got read access on Google’s production servers

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Awesome: Fibonacci on youtube… via @littlebigdetail

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Frozen In Time: The Cyprus Buffer Zone - In Focus - The Atlantic…

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@soylent Good luck! Hope you’ll ship worldwide pretty soon!

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Always giggle when seeing this:…

PS - love the new Path theme from @sitetemplates

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The human brain can see a face in this set of objects but cannot extract square root of 14641……

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Circular Progress Button with SVG

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Some things to do for improving your iPhone battery life:…

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@b100dian Yeah, I also noticed that ‘iPhone’ but didn’t bother to change the default tweet text

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A Beginner’s Guide to UX & UI Design

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30-Second iPhone Charger is Amazing

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onebigphoto flying pug

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Screwing up is a great way to find that your assumptions were wrong or your model of the world was a little bit off…

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The Tesla Model S Is Basically A Good Looking IT Department On Wheels

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Friday night reading: True random vs Pseudo Random

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Norwegian Skydiver Almost Gets Hit by Falling Meteor — and Captures it on

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European Parliament passes strong net neutrality law, along with major roaming reforms

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There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things - via @smashingmag from the Smashing Book 4

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8 hours of airliners departing from Los Angeles in one single photo

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CERN to switch to Comic Sans

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