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February 2021

Such a shortsighted and needlessly negative view…
Yes, space is difficult and Mars is a hellhole. But so is…T0

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How to speak Silicon Valley: 53 essential tech-bro terms explained…

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Kit_Yates_Maths This was my daughter’s (7) maths homework on Monday.
Can someone help me out with the answer?

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@troyhunt Maybe this digital sundial would be interesting for the kids. Don’t know if it’ll work in your…kz

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Interior For a short time in February — if the conditions are perfect — Horsetail Fall @YosemiteNPS glows a brilliant…4f

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answerswithjoe To the many… MANY people who have left messages and emails saying, “sO HoW’d ThAT EleCTrIc CaR wORk ouT DuRnG…BK

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There must be a more environment-friendly…pR

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NASAPersevere I’m safe on Mars. Perseverance will get you anywhere.

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NASAPersevere A preview of what’s to come in just a couple of hours. Once I get this part behind me, I’ll finally be able to…xc

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@dorin2iulian Load remote images: OFF.
Any decent email client has this option

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jpmarthoz If you read one article today, read this one. A book, a photograph, that tell you all about nazi (and their…0m

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Liverpool FC is currently walking through a storm, but is the golden sky visible yet? Here’s my take:…

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Irish tourists ‘booking dental appointments in Tenerife’ to get around travel ban: “immigration officials at…hF

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Nuclear energy is among the safest forms of energy:

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The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation: “If our planet was 50% larger in diameter, we would not be able to venture…Wi

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“Mars Sample Return, the James Webb Telescope, Europa Clipper, and Titan Dragonfly—have the potential to…qAH

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Not only Americans:
“I asked where she reads the news. “Facebook, of course,” she said, shrugging as if it…jE

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businessinsider SCOTT GALLOWAY: Trading on Robinhood not investing — it’s gambling, but without free drinks and with worse odds (…1Hs

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Sure, let’s all trust fb with our medical data. What could go wrong?…

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YuvalNoahQuotes “You could never convince a monkey to give you a banana by promising him limitless bananas after death in monkey heaven.” - @harari_yuval

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“Belgian surrealism has a bright future ahead”…

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Happy palindrome day! 12022021
(Next one in one year and 10 days, then in 2030)

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“there is compelling evidence to suspect that life exists elsewhere — life exists on Earth, and there’s little…IqS

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That, or Germany and France with/without…JZ

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“Every day, millions of phones are sending traffic to a beautiful photograph of a flower, but no one is able to…Cd

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JacksonRickun Twitter in one video

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Long Shadow: How Romania’s Securitate Turned the Revolution into Riches…

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“It is definitely going to make the selection of viruses for next years’ flu shot more challenging. We just don’t…jf

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RobertMLee But with some empathy (and often a case of beer and box of doughnuts) and some perspective on what I’ve seen work…9E

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The Now. “When the history of this time is written, a screenshot of this might well be on the cover”…

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“The pipeline, indeed, has become Germany’s most embarrassing foreign policy problem”…

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“The London circus and the back and forth of the Brussels negotiations also had the effect of making many…e3

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AdrianHiel Hi Brussels! 👋 Canadian here with some tips for this week: 1) If you have summer tires on your car - don’t drive…xo

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The European Central Bank on the fiat money: “It has no intrinsic value – the paper used for banknotes is in…GHjX

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Bank of England governor on : “People may want it, they may want to collect it, but it doesn’t have any…VW

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“Effectively, anyone could have accessed the Bucket just by entering the correct URL” 🤦🏻‍♂️
cc @troyhunt…

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Internet security is national security…

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Cabin pressure: the turbulent history of flight attendants…

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PhillipWylie I started posting my Ethical Hacking & System Defense lectures on YouTube from the course I teach at Dallas…om

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“it should also inspire people all over the world to hold their governments accountable for climate change in…oK

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AvatarDomy Tonight aurora was incredible.Absolutely just Fantastic. Every color. And we was totally alone on the beach. You…iB

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“Let us imagine that the Germans won the war in 1941 or 1942, as could easily have happened.”…

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