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May 2015

‘The Big Bang Theory’ just did what no TV show has ever done before

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Filling the Green Circle

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Blown away by the new Google Photos. It feels magic

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Wego Is a Customizable Weather Client for the Terminal

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Britain resigns as a world power

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Papas, please let your babies grow up to be princesses

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ThemsonMester The best illustration of the reality of impostor syndrome in InfoSec I’ve seen. It really is just like that.

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Here we go: high resolution display problems

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Why I’m breaking up with Google Chrome

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RT @damianburns: Mobile operators plan to block online advertising

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Alienware Imagine watching this natively on an Oculus Rift… could be exhilarating enough for a heart attack.

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He’s only had one hairstyle…

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RT @smashingmag: It’s just 1h until @SmashingConf Freiburg 2015 tickets go live. 300 tickets. 50 early-birds. 2PM CET. Yay!

Speakers: http…

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Don’t know if it’s good news or not:
Times Square could be forced to remove iconic large billboards

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RT @iamdevloper: The view:source of any web-app made post-2010:

<!— nothing to see here —>

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Elena Shumilova A.K.A Photographer Mom Shares Her Techniques For Photographing Kids

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fehler The Apollo Lunar Rover Operations Handbook; a wonderful slice of history: /via @kottke

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petapixel Photos of abandoned places in New York City:

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FastCompany A 5-day remake of @HillaryClinton’s branding

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lukew A new start.

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DigitalAgendaEU How can European benefit from ? Don’t miss tomorrow’s workshop

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NASA’s Messenger crashes into Mercury: Scientists mourn

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