Tesla road trip 2023

Written on 23 July 2023, 02:36pm

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See also previous trips.

  • Almost 2000 kilometres covered through Normandy, Bretagne and the Loire Valley. Then another 2000 to Austria and back
  • Some noticeable drop-off in the battery performance, but still manage to cover 275 kilometres with about 80% battery
  • Still no waiting time at the Tesla Superchargers, even though you can see they are more busy than in the previous years
Brussels to North-Western France, then Brussels to Austria via Germany
The longest segment – 275 km; half of the segments are over 200km
Still looking good ????

A few things that I liked in 2022

Written on 29 December 2022, 11:44am

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The #yearly_roundup of things that I enjoyed this year.

  1. Getting over the Covid period. It felt good to be able to travel, socialize and play sports again. With the added value that the working-from-home routine continued.
  2. Reading. A bit less compared to the last year (according to Goodreads). I particularly enjoyed the “Three body problem” trilogy, which made my imagination run like never before. “In the future people will take neuro drugs that will selectively erase memories of this trilogy in order to be able to read them again for the first time.#
  3. Sticking to a healthy routine. More active compared to 2021. Smashed the 1000 days record for closing the Apple Health rings, kept doing 10.000 steps every day during the same period and played football 2-3 times every week. That’s a lot of dopamines 🙂
  4. Driving my Tesla. Almost 5 years in, and it doesn’t get old.
  5. Refereeing football games. I still regret not starting this earlier.
  6. The wallpapers on my phone. I know, quite silly ? but we need to look for thin slices of joy. The iOS 16 lock screen improvements made me look for colors and emotions and in the process, increased my appreciation for the digital artists.
  7. A few card games. Hearts and Spades from the Apple Arcade gave my mind some time off while bringing back some teenage memories.
  8. Learning a new foreign language. I’m nowhere near speaking Spanish, but I am quite happy with the progress I made this year in learning new words and understanding the language.
  9. A series: For all mankind. Because the third season is just as good as the previous two. And because it accentuates the impression that we’re leaving a new golden age for the space exploration (perhaps soon to be powered by fusion?).
  10. Attending the first concert with my daughter. Not planned, but it turned out to be awesome.

Tesla road trip 2022

Written on 12 September 2022, 03:10pm

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See also previous trips.

  • The same distance covered as last year (about 3700kms, almost 4000 including the small trips at destinations)
  • No drop off in range compared to identical trips done in the previous years
  • I can confidently plan segments of 250+ kms. In fact, 8 out of 18 segments during this road trip were over 230km
  • Will probably stay away from Southern France for a while after some horrific traffic jams between Lyon and Valence
  • The number of Tesla Superchargers increasing faster than the combined need of Tesla + non-Tesla cars. Never had to wait in line and always found at least 2 free spots
  • The Superchargers network in Germany is insane
Brussels to Provence, then Brussels to Austria
8/18 segments over 230 km
Still happy