Statistical coefficients and Excel

Written on 11 January 2022, 10:32am

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Quick follow up to this post.

Here is how to use Excel in order to answer the question below:

The correlation coefficient is calculated in Excel using the correl() function: =CORREL(B4:B9;C4:C9)

The determination coefficient is calculated in Excel using the rsq() function: =RSQ(B4:B9;C4:C9)

Of course, the coefficient of determination (R^2) can also be calculated as (correlation coefficient) ^ 2

Note: instead of the correl() function, you can also use the formula as here. You will arrive at the same result.

More complicated, but same result (0.529809)

The R-squared of the data set can be also shown by Excel if the data points are plotted in a chart and a linear trendline is added:

Note the same R^2 value of 0.2807

10 things that I liked in 2021

Written on 31 December 2021, 03:37pm

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For the fifth year running, the periodic roundup of things that I enjoyed in 2021. Might not be 10 in the end…

  1. Reading. I made a conscious effort and created the environment to read more books. 5 times more than in 2020, according to Goodreads.
  2. Listening. Sonos, Airpods Pro, the in-car entertainment system and more recently, the Sony wh-1000xm4 headphones are great (Sony – probably the only company where engineers get to name the products)
  3. Learning more about aviation (from Admiral_Cloudberg, among others) and space
  4. Refereeing. A bit ironic, considering my take on non-human football referees 🙂
  5. Sticking to a routine. 662 days and counting…
  6. Viewing my pictures on the Google Nest Hub.
  7. Not worrying too much that there are not 10 things in this list…

Tesla road trip 2021

Written on 30 August 2021, 09:40pm

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See also the previous road trips.

  • Almost 4000km covered this time, a new record
  • Two trips instead of one: to Southern France and to Austria
  • New distance record: 280.3km from Brussels to Metz
  • New range record: only 22kms left in the tank before supercharging
  • No incidents this time 🙂
Brussels to Provence, then Brussels to Austria
The first segment is the biggest – 280.3km. 3784kms in total, excluding the short trips at the destination
280.3kms in one go; still 56km left in the tank…
No risk, no fun 😈
Before the final leg