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May 2021

joshuakeating Wrote something for the local paper about the bugs…

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@davemark 9:41. I see what you did there 😉

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“The focus shouldn’t be on living longer but on living *healthier* longer”…

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I’m no expert, but I am struggling to see the benefits of ditching the radar sensor in the new Tesla…l7

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Number of f*cks given by British mums:…

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bellingcat US soldiers stationed on European bases that host nuclear weapons have exposed a multitude of sensitive security…s5

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“Count your steps if it motivates you, but remember there’s nothing special about 10,000 steps”…

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RobertGReeve I’m back from a week at my mom’s house and now I’m getting ads for her toothpaste brand, the brand I’ve been…FX

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charliehtweets A mysterious London based PR agency is offering French influencers cash to launder disinformation about the…6w

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Why we need to colonize Mars as soon as possible…

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“Modern ransomware could not exist without Bitcoin. It has poured gasoline on a fire we may not be able to put out”…

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I could watch this all day: Macro Shots In Tiny Places With Insta360 GO 2

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If you live in Brussels and you care about your air quality, register to this project:

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kottke 10 positions that chess engines have a difficult time understanding but human players see easily.…

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@mldelvecchio @daringfireball Not only Apple. Mudra bands are solving the same problem, albeit with the use of a $…vA

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reckless It’s here: my STARLINK REVIEW. Everyone should be very proud and extremely upset in equal measure.…

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“Our modern financial systems are now run on computers, which allows humans to make financial mistakes more…EB

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twrahul A science department that mistook Heisenberg of uncertainty principle for Heisenberg of Breaking Bad. (2019, AP)

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remotely_so Wired: The Case for Letting People Work From Home Forever

A thoughtful piece by @jl_greeenberg on the positive…4I

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Want to know if a remote, isolated farmer has an iPhone or not? Drop an AirTag nearby and see if it updates…ml

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@dsilverman Ctrl+Shift+B to hide/show the browser bookmarks before/after the screenshot 😉

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“Why a squirrel would never die from falling, no matter how high it falls” (except when it hits a hard surface…mb

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Must be a great feeling for the vaccine researchers/developers to see this sort of headlines:…

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@DanielMiessler Or, as Jerry Seinfeld put it:

“Marriage is a sacred bond, yes. But it’s also a nice way to tell…jL

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Australia proposes teaching cyber-security to five-year-old kids…

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elonmusk Starship landing nominal!

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Andy Weir’s New Space Odyssey, ‘Project Hail Mary’…

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kottke This optical illusion broke my brain. Somehow, all of these balls are the same color.…

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Amazing engineering: “Suspended 115 Feet in the Air, the World’s First Floating Pool Is Unveiled in London”

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World Snooker Championship semifinal in danger of running out of time… ⌛️

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ChampChessTour How well can @MagnusCarlsen identify chess positions? @DavidHowellGM tested the world champion, and the result is…OA

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