Evolution of notebooks

Written on 7 October 2015, 10:46am

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Microsoft just released the Surface Book, a truly innovative product in which I see a lot of potential.
What I think it’s particularly interesting is how the hardware is organized:

[…] the battery and Intel Core processor are built into the screen half of the hybrid laptop, while that high-powered GPU is in the keyboard base.
The idea is that you’d use the device in laptop mode, while connected to that graphics processor, when playing games, editing video, or typing.
When you want to use it as a less-powerful clipboard-size tablet, it detaches from that GPU-packed base for lighter tasks.
Wired – Microsoft’s Surface Book Looks Like the Ultimate Hybrid PC

This reminds me of this old dribble. With the introduction of the Surface Book, the updated picture would look like this:

evolution of laptops

Project Management – aerial view

Written on 4 October 2013, 01:56pm

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What is a project?
– A temporary structure in the organization
– To create an unique product or service
– Under certain constraints (time, budget, scope, quality)

Why do we do projects?
To create a new and unique product or service, which will bring a benefit.
Turning ideas into reality.

What is Project Management?
The set of activities of planning, organizing, monitoring and managing the necessary resources and work to deliver specific project goals and objectives in an effective and efficient way.

What is the difference between effective and efficient?
Effective is doing the right thing. Efficient is doing it in the optimal way.

Why are we doing Project Management?
To maximize the chances that the project succeeds.

What is the role of the Project Manager?
To deliver; to make sure that the project succeeds.

What does it mean that the project succeeded?
The deliverables have been created under the time, budget, scope and quality constraints.
There is also the hapiness constraint, meaning that the project team is happy and will want to work again with the other team members and with the PM.

What’s the difference between Deliverables (Output) / Outcome / Benefit?
The outputs (deliverables) are products or services that introduce a change.
The change will result an outcome.
The benefits are the measurable improvements resulting from an outcome.

What happens after the projects ends?
Sometimes nothing (ex. when the project is about organising a team week-end party).
Some other times is goes in operational (maintenance) mode (example: after a software application is delivered, technical support and maintenance might be needed).

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