About me

This is the main reason I created this space back in 2011:

If you don’t look back at yourself and think, “Wow, how stupid I was a year ago,” then you must not have learned much in the last year.

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The tweet below also goes a long way explaining why you should keep writing even if you think that no one is watching:

If anyone is thinking of writing a blog post and worries “no one will read it”, those two I just released were written purely for me, if no one else read them, that’s fine. I wrote them to learn how fronting works. Putting it down in really words helps cement things.

Write it!

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Who am I?

Dorin Moise I am Dorin Moise, a web enthusiast living in Brussels and working in web development since 2002. I love the web, the simple things, the photography, the puzzles, reading books and many other things.

This blog exists because I needed a personal place to record my random thoughts. Also, a bit of a playground and a good way to improve my writing skills. Over time, it’s nice to see how my points of interest changed. The blog is mostly technical, covering topics like web development, design, usability, security and other geeky stuff.


You can find me on Twitter , where I tend to share the most interesting reads. When I have to look up something I wrote on Twitter I am using TweetNest .
I am also available on: Flickr , LinkedIn and moc.liamg@gnimmargorp.dnilbroloc 😉
I also write occasionally on anglofil.ro about Liverpool FC.

Why colorblind?

It all started with the purple cow theory: “there is always something quirky about everyone”. Me – I have a mild form of color blindness.
Still reading? 🙂 Read more about color blindness →

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