Evolution of notebooks

Written on 7 October 2015, 10:46am

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Microsoft just released the Surface Book, a truly innovative product in which I see a lot of potential.
What I think it’s particularly interesting is how the hardware is organized:

[…] the battery and Intel Core processor are built into the screen half of the hybrid laptop, while that high-powered GPU is in the keyboard base.
The idea is that you’d use the device in laptop mode, while connected to that graphics processor, when playing games, editing video, or typing.
When you want to use it as a less-powerful clipboard-size tablet, it detaches from that GPU-packed base for lighter tasks.
Wired – Microsoft’s Surface Book Looks Like the Ultimate Hybrid PC

This reminds me of this old dribble. With the introduction of the Surface Book, the updated picture would look like this:

evolution of laptops

Garmin 3760 – quick review

Written on 22 June 2011, 04:18pm

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I know that this blog is mainly about web development, but when I get new devices, I feel like I have to share. Must be the smell of the fresh hardware 🙂
I recently bought a Garmin 3760 sat nav system from amazon.co.uk.
With less than 9mm thick, the 3760 is the Thinnest Navigator in the World.
garmin 3760

Indeed, the size of the navigator is the first things that you will notice when opening the box.

Some drawbacks

  • When the device is in stand by (screen turned off) you don’t know how to hold it. On the iPhone, you have the home button on the bottom. On Garmin 3760, the power button (in fact, the only physical button) is placed on the bottom right sidebar. Not the best place to put it, if you ask me, as you will need two hands to switch it on and off.
  • Screen orientation: it advertises dual orientation (landscape and portrait). But it’s not similar to the one on the iPhones: you have only one position for the portrait and one for the landscape (to compare, the iPhones have two positions for portrait-mode and two for landscape mode). Not a big issue, just something to be noted
  • The touch screen is a little too sensitive sometimes (compared to the iPhone)
  • When connected to computer via USB, you cannot use the device
  • The picture viewer is quite slow. But it’s not like someone would buy the device for the picture viewer 🙂

And the good points