Random links #15

Written on 16 April 2019, 04:41pm

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Abusability testing – funny name found by Ashkan Soltani in his Enigma talk where he looks into the ways the technology can be used to cause harm. Abusability testing is an innovative and intriguing way to look into the possible ways the technology used in un-intended ways can cause harm to the others. Red teams are used to explore the ways that other can harm your organization, but it’s time to think about the possible ways that technology can be (mis)used and have a negative impact on others. The leading example (with the Kim Jong-nam) is eyes opening.

Bayrob malware: a fascinating story about 3 Romanians behind an extremely complex online fraud operation along with a massive malware botnet. Tens of millions of dollars in nine years, but they are fortunately going to jail.

The first image of a black hole has been recently taken by EU-funded scientists. Two notes: (1) the EU should make more efforts to advertise its research efforts and (2) for me this is a remarkable achievement, comparable to taking a photo of an emotion. It’s borderline philosophical, and the scientists effort has been tremendous.

The black hole at the centre of Messier 87, a massive galaxy in the constellation of Virgo. This black hole is located 55 million light-years from Earth and has a mass 6.5-billion times larger than our sun.

The Norwegians are moving in the right direction. After launching a project to install in Oslo the world’s first wireless electric car charging stations for taxis, it recently decided to withdraw its support for oil exploration offshore the sensitive Lofoten islands in Norway’s Arctic.

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