jQuery quickies

Written on 8 May 2011, 11:13pm

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1. Get all the text input fields or textareas having IDs starting with a pattern

$('input, textarea').filter('[id^='+fieldID+']').each(function() 
	var field_value = this.value;
	var field_id = this.id;
	//do things here...

2. Add options to a select (in the example below – add the Google supported languages)

//Get the Languages array
	var languages = google.language.Languages;

	//populate the languages select
	$.each(languages, function(key, value)


Google Maps: radius search in Oracle

Written on 21 April 2011, 12:11pm

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Recently I had to implement a ColdFusion + Oracle application using Google Maps. One of the requirements was search by distance (or radius search) for some items, already geocoded.
The items are stored in T_ITEM, with the columns:
COORDX --latitude
COORDY --longitude

The latitude and longitude are already calculated, and stored in database as VARCHAR.
The task was to create some sort of function to accept:
and to return the items from T_ITEM located within radius kilometers from the given coordinates.

In implementing this task, I started with (more…)

6 useful Oracle commands

Written on 26 March 2011, 12:43pm

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This is more of a reference post to store some useful Oracle features. Or a cheat sheet if you wish 🙂

1. How to find the maximum column size in a table


2. How to paginate in Oracle using rownum

Method 1:

select * from 
       select rownum r, a.* from 
       ) a 
       where rownum <= 10
where r >= 1;

Method 2: (more…)