1. Some princesses

Recently I bought a Panini sticker album with Frozen. I know, but I like animated movies and it reminded me of the time when I was collecting and trading stickers myself 🙂

panini frozen all
Images: paninishop.be

Some notes: In theory, you should not have any duplicate in a pack of 5 stickers.
Also, all the 192 stickers have the same representation in the envelopes. From my past experience, I know that’s not true. Even after swapping stickers with friends, some of the stickers were impossible to find.
Prices are pack of 5 stickers – 0.6€, 50 stickers 6€, 250 stickers – 30€.

2. The Birthday problem

So, I wanted to play a bit with the probabilities involved in this little collection game. The starting point was the Birthday problem, and the apparent paradox that in a class of 23 students, the probability of having 2 students with the same birthday is 50%.
The formula to find this probability is: