Tesla road trip 2022

Written on 12 September 2022, 03:10pm

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  • The same distance covered as last year (about 3700kms, almost 4000 including the small trips at destinations)
  • No drop off in range compared to identical trips done in the previous years
  • I can confidently plan segments of 250+ kms. In fact, 8 out of 18 segments during this road trip were over 230km
  • Will probably stay away from Southern France for a while after some horrific traffic jams between Lyon and Valence
  • The number of Tesla Superchargers increasing faster than the combined need of Tesla + non-Tesla cars. Never had to wait in line and always found at least 2 free spots
  • The Superchargers network in Germany is insane
Brussels to Provence, then Brussels to Austria
8/18 segments over 230 km
Still happy

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