Getting started with node.js

Written on 4 December 2012, 09:35pm

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Update: Only today, 11 December you can get the Jump Start Node.js eBook for $11 instead of $19:
Or you can get the Node.js + Coffee script bundle for $19.
The guys on SitePoint have a good starting point if you wish to start learning node.js: the Jump Start to Node.js.
In no more than 30 minutes you can create your first node.js application that connects to MongoDB to insert data.
Step 1: Watch the video below (6 minutes)

Step 2: Download the first chapter of the book for free (2 minutes)
Step 3: follow the example explained in this chapter (22 minutes 🙂 ).
You will need to create a free MongoLab account to have your database in the cloud.
You will have to add/edit the following pages:

  • app.js
  • form.html
  • package.json
  • lib/db.js
  • models/User.js

In the end, the app tree should look like:

    The digital edition of the book costs $19.

Node.js is different. It lets you write front-end AND back-end code in a unified language, leading to staggeringly fast and scalable projects!