Understanding security controls

Written on 23 September 2018, 03:39pm

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How can you better understand the types of security controls than putting them into an example? Home security in this case.

Deterrent controls: a sticker on the front window saying that the house is linked to a security center.  Or a dog house. 

Preventive controls: locks on the access doors and windows. And a big dog. PS: defense in depth is critical.

Detective controls: security cameras calling up the monitoring center and/or the owner smartphone. Or a dog who never sleeps and who barks really loud. PS: detective controls imply that an attack has begun.

Corrective controls: a loud, indoor siren and a system that blinks the house lights when an intrusion is detected. Or a dog that can bring more bad dogs to save the day. PS: corrective controls react to an attack

Compensating controls: motion sensors on the outside of the building and on all the floors, on top of the ones installed on the ground floor. Or a second dog. PS: compensating controls are added after identifying deficiencies in existing controls

Image: https://www.tomalsojerry.com/tom-jerry-solid-serenade/

The expert

Written on 3 April 2014, 09:15am

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A short comedy movie where the main stakeholders in the engineering world are presented:
– the client with its unclear, unrealistic demands
– the top management with its superficial attitude
– the middle management with its poor understanding of the challenges and always trying to be on the right (top management) side
– and the poor engineer – the expert – who struggles to understand what the client really wants and to find creative solutions while coping with its superiors.

The suicide people

Written on 8 January 2014, 03:42pm

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The former Romanian prime-minister A. Năstase was recently sentenced to a four-year prison, of which he will probably do less than a year, but that’s another story.
It is the second prison sentence, after the one in 2012 (when he only did 9 months), when he apparently tried to commit suicide when police arrived at his home for arrest (wikipedia has the story).
The question is: why did he stop trying? 🙂

The thing I don’t understand about the suicide person is the people that try to commit suicide and for some reason they don’t die and then… that’s it. They stop trying.
Why don’t they keep trying? What is changed? Is their life any better now? No.
In fact, it’s worse, because now they found out ‘here is one more thing you stink at’…
That’s why the people don’t succeed in life to begin with: because they give up too easy.
I say pills don’t work, try a rope. Car won’t start in the garage? Get a tune up.
Do you know what I mean?
There is nothing more rewarding than reaching a goal you set for yourself…