Distinct Apple IDs for the same GMail account

Written on 28 January 2017, 02:45pm

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It’s probably well known by now the fact that when you create a GMail account, any periods (dot characters) in your username will be ignored by GMail:

If you have a personal account (typically ending in gmail.com), it doesn’t matter if people type the period in your username or not.
For example, emails to all of these addresses will be delivered to the same Gmail account:

What is the impact of this feature on the creation of new Apple IDs?
Well, for Apple the 3 email addresses above are distinct, so they will allow to create 3 separate Apple IDs with the 3 email addresses. During the Apple ID registration process, an email with the subject Verify your Apple ID email address will be sent to confirm the ownership of the email address. Naturally, in all the 3 cases above, the 3 emails will be delivered to the same GMail account.

This is already a bit awkward, but I guess it’s something that does not create any problems, so Apple had no reason to work around it.
The real problem is described below.

Weekly links #2

Written on 12 October 2015, 08:34am

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Apple Camera?

I, for one, would love to see Apple develop an iPhone 7P. The “P” is for photography. Add back 2mm to the device’s profile, which would enable a larger battery, and install an even better camera (bigger lens, bigger sensor) for people who love photography. I would easily pay a $100 premium for the specialized device. I have to think they would sell more of these than the iPhone 6c.
The One Thing Apple Understands is Photography
plus 5 reasons Apple should make a professional camera


An European alternative to Soylent:

Update, 1 month later: I could not get used to the taste. And I’m sorry about that, the prospect was extremely appealing 🙁

Eating a diet considered healthy by scientific standards is difficult. These requirements can only be met with a varied and well thought out diet.
We have developed a formula which combines all nutrients recommended by dietitians in a powder, which we call BERTRAND.


Security Keys

With 2-Step Verification, Google requires something you know (your password) and something you have (like your phone) to sign in. Google sends a verification code to your phone when you try to sign in to confirm it’s you. However, sophisticated attackers could set up lookalike sites that ask you to provide your verification codes to them, instead of Google. Security Key offers better protection against this kind of attack, because it uses cryptography instead of verification codes and automatically works only with the website it’s supposed to work with.
Using Security Key for 2-Step Verification

A few notes about security keys in general and YubiKey in particular:
– the security keys do not need batteries or mobile connectivity (as the cell phones receiving security codes)
– full YubiKey product lineup
– the blue YubiKey implements the U2F standard and works with GMail, Dropbox and GitHub
– the most expensive YubiKey version works also via NFC with the supported devices
– the other ones must rely on a recent Chrome version and on a device with an USB port
– if the security key is not available, the normal security codes (received on cell phones) still work
yubi keys


I am not buying the new iPhone 6

Written on 18 September 2014, 09:41pm

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For some reason I will have to get another smartphone pretty soon. Since switching the platform is not an option, I was expecting that the new iPhone 6 would be just the right thing.
Turns out, it isn’t.

Here’s why:

1. The battery: On iPhone 6 it’s more or less the same as on the 5s (on 6 Plus is marginally better, but 5.5′ size does not appeal to me at all). We are in 2014, we get excited about the new shiny iPhones, but at the end of the day their battery is dead. Can we please put less effort into drawing hearts and emoji on a watch and more into a technology to replace the decades-old Li-Ion one? Pretty pretty please?


2. The pill-shaped design with protruding camera: I love the iPhone 4/5 flat-sided form. I got used to it, it’s much more useful when taking pictures and it just feels right. The pill-shaped form reminding of the original iPhones and the current iPads seems less appealing to me. And the protruding camera… it’s simply not understandable from a design-centric company like Apple. I personally would have preferred the extra millimeter and a few more grams to have the camera inside the phone plus a bigger battery. Apple does its best to make it less visible in their presentation photos:

With clever lighting and placement Apple hides that bump in profile view where it clearly would ruin the clean line and sleek looks. That doesn’t make the iPhone 6 bad, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you are embarassed about the bump then don’t have it, but if you have a bump I think you need to own the bump.
Ben Brooks via cultofmac.com

iphone 6

3. The price: Until now I was pretty comfortable with the 16GB version. However, sometimes I feel the need of extra storage, but 64Gb would be too much. 32Gb would have been just right. But wait, there is no iPhone 6 with 32Gb…
I feel the same as John Gruber:

I don’t understand why the entry level storage tier remained at a meager 16 GB. That seems downright punitive given how big panoramic photos and slo-mo HD videos are, and it sticks out like a sore thumb when you look at the three storage tiers together: 32/64/128 looks natural; 16/64/128 looks like a mistake. The original iPhone, seven years and eight product generations ago, had an 8 GB storage tier. The entry-level iPhones 6 are 85 times faster than that original iPhone, but have only twice the storage capacity. That’s just wrong. This is the single-most disappointing aspect of the new phones.
One more thing

Adding up to the list above:
– for the moment I don’t feel the need for a bigger screen
– the Apple Pay would have been a selling point for me, but it will take another year or so until it will land to Belgium.

So iPhone 5 it’ll be. 32Gb gold if possible 🙂

PS – here is how Steve would have introduced the iPhones 6 and the Apple watches: http://jiggity.com/steve.html