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Ronnie O’Sullivan is one of my favorite sportsmen. But it’s only recently – after he won the World Masters – that I found 2 interesting things about him:
1. that he wrote an autobiography book
2. that running is a very important part of his life
ronnie running 300
Here are some interesting quotes from the first two chapters of his autobiography book:

“When I ran my snooker was better […] Somehow when I wasn’t running my mind wandered all over the shop”
“In 2004 I started serious running. Competitive running”
“After a while I wasn’t worried if I won the WC, so long as I could get my runs and improve my PB. Everything else was secondary”.
“Running taught me a lot about snooker as well: […] if you run all the time you end up physically exhausted. A week before a marathon, runners will hardly run.”
But “ask any sportsman: without routine you’re lost.”
“Running was probably one of the things that brought my relationship with Jo to an end.”

“I don’t know why 10k is such a perfect distance, but it is. I suppose it’s a sprint, but still a long way.”
“The first 5 or 10 minutes are hard, but once you’ve got a sweat on it’s impossible not to feel better. Running really is pure serotonin.”

“I’ve tried a number of religions, but ultimately they didn’t do as much for my peace of mind as snooker.”

His personal bests are quite impressive:
– 3km in 10m06
– 10km – 39m (first time), PB – 34m

The book is available on Amazon and iTunes

Update, 3 March 2014: He just won the Welsh Open in an impressive manner, with a maximum break in the final frame of the final:

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