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Written on 16 March 2012, 03:44pm

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ColdFusion caches the WSDL. In order to flush this cache, you have the following options:

  1. ColdFusion administrator
  2. Programatically:
    In ColdFusion 8, you have two options:

    1. Cfinvoke’s refreshWSDL attribute:
      <cfinvoke webservice="#wsdl#" method="method"
              returnvariable="rv" refreshWSDL="yes">
              <cfinvokeargument name="arg" value="1"/>
    2. Cfobject’s arguments structure
            wsargs = structnew();
            somevar = createobject("webservice",

    In ColdFusion 7, however, you can use the following solution:

    <cfset wsAddress = "http://your.web/service/url.cfc?wsdl">
    <!--- CF7 --->
    <cfset createObject("java", "coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory").
    XmlRpcService.refreshWebService(wsAddress) /> 

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