How many lines of code do you have?

Written on 2 December 2011, 05:41pm

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Do you want to know how many lines of code you have in your application? Challenge accepted 🙂
Here’s a 10-minutes, 50-lines ColdFusion script that counts the number of lines in all the files from a given folder.

<cfsetting requesttimeout="300" showdebugoutput="no" />
<cfset initialDir = ExpandPath( '../' )>
<cfset files = 0> <!-- we will store the number of files that we traversed --->
<cfset lines = 0> <!--- this is what we need  --->
<cfset localRoot = "E:\your\input\folder" />
<cfset separator = '\'>
<cfset extensions = 'cfm,cfc,htm,html,css,js'> <!-- add here the list of extensions --->

<cfset tick = GetTickCount()> <!--- start the clock --->

<!--- get list of ALL files --->
<cfdirectory action="list" directory="#initialDir#" name="localQuery" recurse="true"/>

<cfoutput query="localQuery">
	<cfif type EQ 'File'>
		<cfset extension = LCase(listLast(name,".")) /> <!--- get the extension --->
		<cfset temp = ListFindNoCase(extensions, extension)> 
		<cfif temp IS NOT 0> <!--- if the file extension is one in our initial list --->
			<cfset path = directory & separator &  name>
			<cfset files = files + 1>
			<cfif FileExists(path)>
					<cffile action="read" file="#path#" variable="content" charset="utf-8">
				<cfcatch type="all">Error reading file</cfcatch>
				<cfset content = replace(content,Chr(10),Chr(13),"ALL")/> <!--- replace all LFs with CRs --->
				<cfset content = replace(content,Chr(13)&Chr(13),Chr(13),"ALL")/> <!--- replace all double CRs with single CRs --->
				...and here is most important part: 
				we remove ALL the other characters that are NOT CR (\r)
				we end up with a string containing ONLY the CRs
				we simply count the length of this string and then add 1
				<cfset thisFileLines = Len( REReplace( content, "[^\r]+", "", "ALL" ) ) />
				<cfset thisFileLines = thisFileLines + 1> 

				<cfset lines = lines + thisFileLines>
				File #path# has <strong>#thisFileLines#</strong> lines<br /> 
		</cfif> <!--- end if extension --->
	</cfif><!--- end if type file --->

<cfset tock = GetTickCount()> <!--- stop the clock --->
<cfset time = round((tock-tick)/1000)>

<cfoutput><hr />There are <strong>#lines#</strong> lines in #files# files. Search took #time# seconds.</cfoutput>

I got:

There are 101637 lines in 527 files. Search took 3 seconds.

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