Reading list

Written on 15 April 2014, 10:06pm

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Floralia Brussels
The updated reading list from 28 November 2013:
✔ 1. Steve Krug – Don’t make me think –read, as well as the 3rd, revisited edition
⇓ 2. Dean Buonomano – Brain Bugs –saved for later
✖ 3. Andy Hunt – Pragmatic thinking and learning –read the first chapter, did not catch me. Maybe some other time
⇓ 4. Paco Underhill – Why We Buy –saved for later
⇓ 5. Barry Schwartz – The Paradox of Choice (Why more is less) –saved for later
✔ 6. Dale Carnegie – How to win friends and influence people –read, as well as a condensed version of it
✔ 7. Smashing book #4 –currently reading
✔ 8. George Orwell – 1984 –read, but did not found the positive state of mind to finish it
✔ 9. Dean Beaumont – The Expectant Dad’s handbook –read, this and two more :)

In the mean time I also read The speed reading book, Ronnie and rediscovered the pleasure of reading funny SF novels.

Next in my reading list:
1. Smashing book #4 – finish it
2. Dean Buonomano – Brain Bugs
3. Irwin Schiff and Peter Schiff – How an economy grows and why it crashes
4. Bill Shankly – My Story
5. Steve Peters – The chimp paradox
6. Paco Underhill – Why We Buy
7. Barry Schwartz – The Paradox of Choice (Why more is less)
8. Steve Souders – Even Faster Web Sites: Performance Best Practices for Web Developers
9. Whatever I find interesting from the Smashing library :)

Little details

Written on 15 April 2014, 09:20am

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Since reading Designing for emotion I’ve been paying attention to the emotional component of the web. Most of the times it’s not present, some other times is very visible, and in some cases, it’s hidden. The people at Balsamiq Floris Dekker created – a place where they collect the small, hidden, fascinating details that contribute to a great user experience. One of the latest impressive things I found there is the float label pattern – that changes the placeholder to a label on focus (initial idea from @mds, see demo).

Back to the little big details, I started to see them myself. For now, here are two:

1. Flickr link to jobs page

If you view source you’ll see an ASCII text logo and a link to the flick jobs page: “You’re reading. We’re hiring.

flickr view source

2. Hidden swoosh in dutch football shirt crest

The Netherlands football kit designed by Nike feature a lion crest with the tongue forming a subtle Nike swoosh. The new lion is present on both home and away kits, and the lion head is quite different from the KNVB (Dutch Fooball Federation) logo:

swoosh 1swoosh 2
swoosh 3swoosh 4
swoosh 5

The lion has has been a focal point of the Dutch kits for more than 100 years, appearing in both black and white over the decades. Recently, the KNVB crest had portrayed just the head of the lion with a crown over it. Nike have changed that with a “rampant” lion that is white and enlarged, taking a very prominent spot on the shirt and immediately drawing the viewer’s eye to it.