IMG_6087 What do you expect from a 5-years old going in kindergarten? Know the letters, the numbers, count to 10? Write something? Listen to the teacher?
Well, these are important, but he will learn them, eventually…
Here’s what I think it’s more important:

- communicate with others
- be a sociable person
- develop the curiosity to explore things
- laugh to any little thing

Here’s an additional wishlist found by another parent – Philip Kovacs, in an Open letter to my son’s kindergarten teacher:

- a little kinder, a little more courageous, and a little more compassionate.
- perseverance, impulse control, resiliency, and how to think about thinking.
I believe these skills and capacities will get him far in life, regardless of how good he is at trigonometry later.
- Most importantly, I need him to leave your classroom loving to learn.

About MH17

Written on 18 July 2014, 01:41pm

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About airlines:
- it will be very difficult for Malaysian Airlines to recover after 2 major aircraft losses 4 months apart
- all the airlines claim that the safety comes first, but it took 298 lives to avoid the airspace over the conflict area
- about the Air Traffic Control (both Eurocontrol and Ukrainian ATC): they have their part of the fault in the sense that they could have requested the traffic to be diverted out of the conflict area. The only thing that they did was to ask the aircraft to climb 1000 meters feet above the normal cruising altitude; still insufficient to avoid the missile.


Service management

Written on 16 July 2014, 09:16pm

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- How many Service Desk staff does it take to change a light-bulb?
a) None. Restoration of service is a Level 1 Support function

Multiple choices here :)

I recently spent some time reading about service management, more specifically, ITIL. Some notes – in random order – below:
- Service - a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs or risks
- Service Management – a set of specialized organisation capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services
- Process – a structured set of activities designed to accomplish a specific objective.